5 Year Plan

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  A lot has happened since the summer.  You’ll hear a lot about that in coming posts.  But first I wanted to share something I found in a large pile of papers on my desk which partially inspired me to start blogging again. As I said, […]

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June 2014 Update: TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!

Yes, that is me shaking you violently so that opinions come out.  I want to know what you’re curious about.  What will help YOU get where you want to be?  Tell me what you want to know or what you want help with and I will help you.  I haven’t posted in a while because […]

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Get an ELF Lifestyle!

Hey yall, I know I haven’t posted but once this month and it’s because well, to be honest, I’ve been having too much damn fun!  AND I learned a new way to see how well I’m doing with lifestyle allocation.  Am I overspending on my luxuries?  Having too much fun and not saving enough?  How […]

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March 2014 Update: Dinner is Done

Well, I finally did it yall.  I beat the Food budget.  In February, including all drinks, meals, groceries, snacks, everything I ingested the entire month, I only spent $518.  That’s a whopping $82 under my budget of $600.  I’ve had some people comment on here in the past saying my $600 budget seems really easy […]

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Proof I Know What I’m Talking About: a Success Story

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, then you may remember Samantha.  She’s been a friend for a long time and my first student of finance.  We got her started down the financial freedom track a couple years ago.  She had some credit card debt and was trying to get her savings going.  Here […]

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